Absence of Water by Gigi Cifali



The Ancient Town of Fenghuang, China

The town of Fenghuang is located in the Hunan province in China along the banks of the Tuo Jiang River. The town is exceptionally well-preserved and relatively untouched by modern urbanization.

The legacy of the Ming And Qing dynasties are preserved within the town, spanning 300 years of ancient heritage. In the ancient town zone, preservation of over 200 residential buildings, 30 streets, and hundreds of other ancient features and landmarks of the town has continued for hundreds of years.

Because of its unique geographical location, Fenghuang never suffered from the destruction of any natural disaster or suffered invasion from any wars. Even during the war of resistance against Japanese invasion, the isolated town of Fenghuang did not suffer occupation. In 1949, Fenghuang was peacefully liberated.

In the following 50 years, Fenghuang was spared any large-scale construction that occurred in nearby districts. As the people of Fenghuang cherish their valuable heritage, the local government has conducted strict control over all construction, continuing the preservation and the authenticity of the ancient town.


Doing it right.



I can’t really explain why, but abandoned places like this have always fascinated me. Maybe it’s the stories they can tell. So much more interesting than the cut and paste type of architecture that has become the norm today….



The Hotel Fox in Copenhagen, Denmark was created as part of Volkswagen’s world premiere of their new car held in Copenhagen. 21 young designers were given carte blanche to show off their talent and the result is a unique lifestyle hotel concept in the Danish capital. Creating a surreal world, from the most bizarre to the most provocative.

Walls to oor are covered with drawing, paintings, catchy taglines, photography from street art to manga, illustration to pop art. Mexicans boxers, appealing geishas, childish cars drawn on the wall, to girly dolls, from military camouage to geometric patterns, the 61 rooms cover a wide range of aesthetics. 


Let’s go swimming: Rainbow Pool, Madrid, Spain


Hotel by Dean West and Nathan Sawaya. From In Pieces.